BRORA 26 YO 1981 Cask Strength Collection

Highland Single Malt – 57.1%, 70cl
Single Cask #1520 – Sherry Butt
Limited Edition of 391 bottles

At Signatory Vintage, the start of the new millennium was marked by an abundance of Port Ellen and Brora bottlings distilled in the late 70s and early 80s, casks which had been bought in lots from the same batches of distillation. This Brora 1981 is one such bottling. It comes from a series of four sherry casks (#1517, #1518, #1519, #1520) distilled on 1 December 1981 and bottled in 2006-2007. Although the number of bottles per cask varies twofold, the most surprising quality is the sherry cask ageing, which, as the cask numbers increases, rises in a crescendo that reaches a climax in this #1520.

Colour: deep amber


powerful, dense, intensely sherried. Earthy rather than ethereal smoke, characterized by soil, humus, undergrowth and a light farmyard note is immediately interrupted by deep sherry, with tobacco, Cuban cigar and leather. The result is a battle of titanic proportions in which each note defends the boundaries of its expression. A few rare moments of respite allow rancio (wal- nut), almost roasted prune and rare citrus fruit (orange, lemon) to bring a little calm.

just as un-inclined towards serenity, the palate is none- theless in unison with the nose, with dried fruit, bitter almond, chocolate powder and praline. Oriental spices (curry and pepper) reinforce its dry and frank character, finally making way for the salty and marine note that is so typical of this malt.

more smoky than subtle, the finish finally allows the appea- rance of a marine note of salmon and smoked fish roe. Its medi- cinal DNA manages to slightly regain the upper hand. It lingers with wood fire and black liquorice, with a retro-nasal olfaction that reveals leather and a characteristic note of wax.

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