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  1. New THE NIKKA 12 year old Of

    THE NIKKA 12 year old Of 43%

    Japanese Blend, Japan 70cl Ref: 19773E

    The first time you taste this new version, its rich and complex character could fool you into thinking that it was in fact a pure malt and not a blended whisky. This is due to the malted barley which represents the majority of the blend, and largely outweighs the corn....


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  2. New YOICHI Non Age Of

    YOICHI Non Age Of 45%

    Single Malt, Japan / Hokkaido 70cl Ref: 19639E

    A subtle blend of Yoichi malt whiskies of various ages, of which a large portion was matured in ex-sherry casks, the sole representative of Nikka’s historic single malt expresses a delicate balance between smoky, fruity and floral aromas.


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  3. Must have NIKKA Coffey Grain

    NIKKA Coffey Grain 45%

    Single Grain, Japan / Honshu - Miyagi 70cl Ref: 18120E

    A must have LMDW

    The magnificent Nikka Coffey Grain single casks have been included in La Maison du Whisky’s collections for many years now, and no longer need introducing. Some of them were immediately incorporated into the pantheon of great whiskeys. Still very exclusive, Nikka has...


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  4. Top sale KAVALAN Ex-Bourbon Oak

    KAVALAN Ex-Bourbon Oak 46%

    Single Malt, Taiwan / Yilan County 70cl Ref: 17701

    Matured in bourbon barrels, it has all the essential olfactory and gustatory characteristics of its big brother (Bourbon Cask from the Solist range) with smooth and balanced notes. Fresh and precise on the nose, it has notes of oak and vanilla and ends on


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  5. Must have MACKMYRA Bruks Whisky

    MACKMYRA Bruks Whisky 41,4%

    Single Malt, Sweden / Gavleborg County 70cl Ref: 16905

    A must have LMDW

    Although Mackmyra has released an increasing number of special editions in the last five years, in spring 2012 it also released its first permanent bottling called Bruks Whisky. A lovely soft version aged in bourbon casks and dominated by gorgeous notes o


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  6. Must have NIKKA From the Barrel

    NIKKA From the Barrel 51,4%

    Japanese Blend, Japan 50cl Ref: 624E

    A must have LMDW

    Produced from a blend of the Miyagikyo and Yoichi single malts and a single grain whisky, NIKKA FROM THE BARREL embodies the expertise of the distillery’s master blenders. Intense, round, and generous, this ambitious, powerful, controlled, high-alcohol blend is...


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  7. New ICHIRO'S MALT Malt & Grain

    ICHIRO'S MALT Malt & Grain 46%

    Japanese Blend, Japan / Honshu 70cl Ref: 16572


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  8. Top sale AMRUT Fusion

    AMRUT Fusion 50%

    Single Malt, India / Bangalore 70cl Ref: 908

    “When East meets West”: this Amrut Fusion is the result of a blend of two special vintages from the Bangalore malt distillery. The first vintage is made from malted barley harvested at the foot of the Himalayas, while the second is produced using malted Scottish...


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  9. Top sale PENDERYN Madeira

    PENDERYN Madeira 46%

    Single Malt, Wales / Southern Wales 70cl Ref: 825

    Penderyn Aur Cymru single malt Welsh whisky is the flagship of the Penderyn house. Distilled in a unique pot still, it is initially matured in bourbon casks before being finished in Madeira casks which give this whisky a generous flavour and subtle comple


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