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  1. New FAIR Rum XO Finish Acacia

    FAIR Rum XO Finish Acacia 40%

    Rum, Belize 70cl Ref: 52000

    Established in 2009, the Fair Spirits Company markets products that simultaneously combine fair trade, sustainable development and French know-how. Produced from sugar cane cultivated according to organic methods of agriculture by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers...


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  2. Must have PLANTATION RUM XO 20th Anniversary

    PLANTATION RUM XO 20th Anniversary 40%

    Rum, Barbados 70cl Ref: 15814

    A must have LMDW

    Plantation 20th Anniversary is a blend of several Barbados rums, matured and selected by Alexandre Gabriel to celebrate his 20 year anniversary at the helm of Pierre Ferrand. Matured in small cognac casks at Château de Bonbonnet, this particularly spicy rum has a...


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  3. FORSYTHS WP White

    FORSYTHS WP White 57%

    Rum, Jamaica 70cl Ref: 50079

    Worthy Park was the oldest sugar refinery still in production in Jamaica since 1670. Since 2005 worthy Park went back to production after 50 year of break. Although multiple version of Worthy Park white can be found with independent bottlers, this Forsyths WP 502...


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  4. Must have SAJOUS Clairin

    SAJOUS Clairin 51%

    Rum, Haiti 70cl Ref: 19802

    A must have LMDW

    To the north of Port-au-Prince, near Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye, Mi - chel Sajous built a distillery in the very place where the former fami - ly-run establishment once stood. Over 30 hectares, he grows several varieties of sugar cane in accordance with organic...


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  5. ZACAPA 23 YEAR OLD Solera 23

    ZACAPA 23 YEAR OLD Solera 23 40%

    Rum, Guatemala 70cl Ref: 16235

    Zacapa 23 rum is produced using the ‘solera system’ ageing process in which different ages and profiles of rum are blended and aged in a succession of casks. The first casks held full-bodied American whiskeys, the second delicate sherries and the last elegant Pedro...


    Soon available

  6. New NEISSON Canne Bio - 60 ans LMDW

    NEISSON Canne Bio - 60 ans LMDW 55%

    Rum, France / Martinique 70cl Ref: 51749

    As the tasting unfolds, this rum made exclusively from organic sugar cane firmly claims a charming rusticity that is also reflected in the shades of enticing colours that it offers up in a spirited and extremely authentic finish. It starts off chocolatey, milky, then...


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  7. Must have SANTA TERESA 1796

    SANTA TERESA 1796 40%

    Rum, Venezuela 70cl Ref: 2369

    A must have LMDW

    A blend of rums of up to 35 years-old, one quickly realises why it has been voted best rum in the world several times. This is a complex rum, characterised by notes of banana, toffee, tobacco, honey and walnuts.


    Soon available

  8. KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum

    KRAKEN Black Spiced Rum 40%

    Rum, Carribean 70cl Ref: 17341

    The Kraken is a spiced rum produced from molasses rums from Trinidad and Tobago aged for between 1 and 2 years and mixed with spices. Both sweet and spicy, it is characterised by notes of coffee, clove and cinnamon.


    Soon available

  9. Must have CARONI 15 YEAR OLD

    CARONI 15 YEAR OLD 52%

    Rum, Trinite & Tobago 70cl Ref: 17697

    A must have LMDW

    This version introduces us to Caroni in a new light. Although this rum’s characteristic petrol notes are clearly present here, they are much more subdued and evasive than usual. This provides us with an opportunity to savour the fruits, honeys and flowers packed into...


    Definitely unavailable

  10. KARUKERA Rhum Vieux Reserve Speciale Set 2 Glasses

    KARUKERA Rhum Vieux Reserve Speciale Set 2 Glasses 42%

    Rum, France / Guadeloupe 70cl Ref: 16870

    This blend of agricole rums (over five years old) has been exclusively matured in small barrels that have previously contained bourbon. The nose is dense, the attack spicy with notes of cloves and pepper, the aromas then develop with scents of fruit such as ripe...


    Soon available

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