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From the Caribbean to Latin America and Asia, not forgetting Brazilian cachaça and Haitian clairins, finding a good rum is like going on a treasure hunt to all four corners of the globe.

Other countries are not subject to the protected designation of origin rules that apply to ‘rhum agricole’ produced in Martinique, which has created some confusion in this category.

However, under pressure from several die-hards such as the Neisson distillery and the independent bottler Velier, greater awareness has recently been raised concerning the need for more transparency in the claims made by ‘premium quality’ rums.

The success of rum is also reflected in the emergence of new countries on the market, such as India and Thailand, who benefit from a long-standing tradition of growing sugar cane. But the future also belongs to small producers, who are going back to traditional production methods, such as using pot stills to distil pure sugar cane juice.


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    PLANTATION RUM Pineapple

    Plantation pineapple is made using a unique production process. The pineapple skin is brewed with Plantation 3 stars for 7 days to be...


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  • ISSAN Rum

    Issan rum distillery is born of a common passion for agricultural rum and for traditional production processes combined with a constant...


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    SAJOUS Clairin

    To the north of Port-au-Prince, near Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye, Mi - chel Sajous built a distillery in the very place where the former...


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    VAVAL Clairin

    For the past 10 years, Fritz Vaval has been at the head of the Arrawaks distillery located in Cavaillon, southern Haiti. The distillery...


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    CASIMIR Clairin

    Faubert Casimir continues the work begun by his father Duncan in 1979. In Baraderes, he cultivates 50 ha of non-hybrid, soft, white and red...


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  • NEISSON In Tube

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    NEISSON 2011 Le Carbet

    Contrary to the Neisson 21 year old, which has kept its young spirit, this version, distilled in 2011, seems to be more mature for its age....

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  • BIELLE 2001 Small Batch LMDW

    To help us better discover its deep character, this bottling draws on a sequence of olfactory and gustatory scenes, each more evocative...


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Plantation Flor De Cana Caroni
santa teresa Neisson Mombacho
Bielle New Grove Havana Club
Karukera Savanna
Dictador Pusser's
Fair Mount Gay

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