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  • Appearance : or vif.
  • Nose : fin, verdoyant. La finesse du distillat est mise en valeur par le vieillissement en fût d’Islay, à moins que ce ne soit l’inverse. L’osmose est quasi parfaite. Le nez est marqué par des agrumes, des noix et des olives vertes, de la fumée, du jasmin, des clous de girofle et toutes sortes de plantes aromatiques (sauge, estragon, verveine).
  • Palate : puissante, pleine de vivacité. Elle prend le temps nécessaire pour trouver ses repères, tourbe oblige. Soudain, la force du distillat résonne comme un coup de tonnerre. Des notes de foin coupé, de badiane et de zestes d’agrumes ne tempèrent en rien sa pureté cristalline et acérée. Au fur et à mesure, elle gagne en onctuosité et devient réglissée, presque gourmande.
  • Overall : longtemps, elle conserve intactes les saveurs tempétueuses de la bouche. Elle ne cesse de s’affiner et de gagner en maturité fruitée (ananas). La rétro olfaction est finement chocolatée et herbacée. Campé sur un distillat d’une grande fermeté, le verre vide n’a pas bougé d’un iota et revient fidèlement sur les premières notes olfactives.
The brand

The brand

The Edradour distillery is known most of all for the individual style of its single malt, which is exported throughout the world. Interestingly, the distillery’s owner Andrew Symington, has begun working on special finishes, each one more innovative than the last (Burgundy, Chardonnay, Châteauneuf-du-pape, Madeira, Moscatel, Port, Sassicia, Tokaji, etc.), with these new releases revolutionising the distillery’s somewhat outdated image. Under the directorship of Iain Henderson, the former director of Laphraoig, at the end of 2002 Edradour began producing a second, very peaty, single malt called Ballechin, the name of a former distillery in the region. Find out more

The distillery

Since 2005, with the opening of the Kilchoman micro-distillery on the isle of Islay, Edradour is probably no longer the smallest distillery in Scotland. Tucked away on the edge of a small valley, among the hills over the town of Pitlochry, this distillery resembles a charming little village with its red shutters, landscaped garden and gently splashing stream. Purchased in 2002 by Andrew Symington, the founder of Signatory Vintage, Edradour has become more than just a tourist attraction. This distillery-farm concentrates all the operations involved in the production of whisky in a single room, from the mill to the still, which is the smallest size authorized by the British Customs and Excise department. Very traditional, Eradour receives 100,000 visitors a year, who are literally transported to the 19th century in this remarkable time capsule.

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