Archive DENIS MONTANAR 2011 Borc Sandrigo T.. Friulano - White

DENIS MONTANAR 2011 Borc Sandrigo T.. Friulano - White

Wine, Italy / Frioul-venetie Julienne, 75cl, Ref: 6094A

To fully appreciate all the aromas and flavours of this cuvée, made from Tocai Friuliano grapes, Denis Montanar, the owner of Borc Dodon, emphasises that it is vital to open the bottle at least two hours beforehand. This wine is far from its peak since its minerality is still somewhat pronounced and raw. Magical.

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Product details

Tasting note

  • Appearance : lovely bright gold.
  • Nose : deep, still holding back. Remarkably rooted in the soil, since beneath a fruity, fleshy surface lies plenty of minerality. Floral (white lily, and lily of the valley), it evolves zesty citrus fruit and acacia honey. The glass gradually releases huge wafts of broom and hawthorn flowers.
  • Palate : ample, fleshy. Its minerality punches you right in the face. Notes of flint underline its dynamic structure. Notes of ripe fruit (pear, plum and apple) and exotic fruit (pineapple and mango) spread on the edge of the palate. Lingering notes of incense and nutmeg.
  • Overall : decidedly long. Intense notes of vine peach and gooseberry. A slight syrupy note gives it even more substance and body. Extremely delicate tannins. The mineral retro-olfactation remains true to the nose and palate while the empty glass is subtle and ethereal.
The brand

The brand

Having taken over his grandfather’s property and the vines that were planted at the beginning of the 20th century, Denis Montanar began to develop his own style of wine in 1989. In 1995 he decided to expand the vineyard and bought some of the surrounding land, creating his own brand, Borc Dodòn, which is the name of the local town in the regional dialect. Part of the property is devoted to cereal crops, which enables the production of natural organic fertilizer. The vines have been farmed organically since 1996: the wines are fermented with natural yeasts and are not filtered. The grapes are picked by hand and every effort is made to achieve a natural expression of the terroir.


The line

Having developed in the boom years after the Second World War, conventional agriculture is based on notions of yield. Largely applied in the world of wine-growing, this approach began to be challenged in the early 1990s. Leading the revolt were a handful of grape growers and wine producers who denounced the over-use of pesticides, fungicides and yeasts that have been cultured in laboratories. This trend of moving towards natural methods, that the main wine producers are now also trying to develop, has resulted in the creation of many types of certification; among the strictest is Demeter; there are also various groups and associations in France and across the Alps such as Renaissance AOC and Triple A.

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