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ARTISAN 2011 40 Junmai Dai-ginjo

Nihon-shu Sake, Japan / Honshu - Aichi, 72cl, Ref: 4199

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Tasting note

  • Appearance : irisée à reflets verts.
  • Nose : frais, verdoyant. Des notes légèrement anisées côtoient des grains de riz et du caramel au beurre salé. Il évolue sur les fruits frais (pomme, prune) et sur le miel de tilleul. Quelques fruits rouges, notamment la framboise, arrivent ensuite en point d’orgue d’un nez voluptueux à souhait.
  • Palate : nette, vive. Son attaque épicée (safran, cannelle) se révèle même au fur et à mesure pimentée et mordante. Puis, des grains de riz roulent sur le palais, leur texture onctueuse est absolument délicieuse. Elle libère de très agréables notes végétales (herbes vertes) et florales (gardénia, iris). Sa belle acidité et ses notes miellées font penser à un muscat de Rivesaltes.
  • Overall : longue, étoffée. Des fruits secs (datte, figue) lui procurent beaucoup de consistance. Sans être sévère, elle reste très concentrée sur son sujet : le riz. Ses épices sont devenues à leur tour piments. La rétro olfaction est laiteuse et plantureuse (romarin, gentiane). Le verre vide est chocolaté et réglissé.
The brand

The brand

Created specially for La Maison du Whisky in 2010, Artisan is a range of junmai ginjo and junmai dai-ginjo nihonshu sake. Produced by Banjo Jozo, these authentic Japanese sakes are extremely pure, with no added water or alcohol. These top of the range artisanal sakes are the equivalent of French Grand Crus. They are brewed from organic rice, natural yeasts and solid koji. With a perfectly balanced alcohol content (14.8% for the 55 and the 50; 16% for the 40), they boast wonderfully rich flavours and a delightful soft sensation in the mouth. The Artisan brand, with its natural products, represents passion, expertise and respect for the tradition of its creator.

The distillery

Founded in 1647, the Banjo Jozo brewery underwent a full renovation 20 years ago. Disappointed by the state of nihonshu production at the time, Kuno Kuheiji created the Kuheiji brand, limiting himself to the production of junmai in the ginjo category or above. In order to guarantee the quality of his products, and to demonstrate the degree to which the making of good nihonshu depends in the quality of the ingredients, he continued his studies of different varieties of yeast, koji and rice. Kuno-san was convinced that only the oldest varieties, and thus the most stable and most natural, would guarantee a high quality, natural and stable product. These are rich, complex products with tremendous character that are sure to please fans of natural wines. The Artisan brand, produced by Banjo Jozo, was created especially for LMDW.


Artist, Lands of Scotland, Malt Pedigree, Tartan, The Ten, Very Cloudy... all of these whisky ranges – composed of single malts and single grains – have one thing in common: they were all created by the team at La Maison du Whisky. They are the fruits of many decades of close collaboration with some of the most prestigious bottlers in Scotland. For some years the French importer and exclusive distributor of the classic ranges of well-known spirits producers, La Maison du Whisky was soon granted the very rare privilege of being able to complement these ranges with their own, bringing together two sets of expertise, two reputations and two complementary histories under one, single label.

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